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1. About You.

*If You Purchased Online – You Must Include The Order Number From Your Email Confirmation.

This information is crucial for us to deliver your final project, and it is the base for your client account with us. We do need a phone number in case a quick design question comes up.

The Website URL field should containg the final destination for the viewer.

Example – www.YourSite.com



Your Images & Graphics

Your images and graphics should be the highest quality possible. Your logo should be on a transparent background (PNG format). All other images and graphics should be at least 1100px on their longest side.



Pick Your Colors

These are the colors that will be used throughout your video as accent , background, text, & high-light colors. These should be your brand colors, or colors that compliment your brand logo.

Color Picker tutorial here.



2. Your Ideas.

Here is where you’ll tell us what you have in mind for your video. Don’t hold back! We need to know what your thinking! Do you have other assets that need to be included? Tell us here, and your ideas on their use. Use the options that best fit your video, and use this section to tell us more bout it.

Have your own music? If you do, then include it in the files you upload to us. 

If your video is to include social media links, please include them here.


The more you tell us here, the better prepared we’ll be for our quick 15 min onboarding phone call. 

Upload Your Form.

Please double check that you have filled out everything correctly, and have included your logo, and other assets if needed. 




    *Upload Logo, Photos & Graphics Here:

    Acceptable Formats: PNG | JPEG | JPG | MP3 | WAV | MP4 | MOV
    25MB Total Upload Size

    Choose Colors To Be Used In Video:



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    Sale CampaignProduct/Service InfoEntertainmentTutorial


    All Ages18 - 3030 - 5555 + Over



    The form below will allow you to send us the items and information we’ll need to make you a stunning, attention-grabbing, and engaging social media video. Please fill out everything on this form.

    what our clients have to say about us…

    I loved working with them

    Happy Dolphin Press really showed me the difference a professional editor could make in both my reviews and sales. I loved working with them, they took the time to explain the changes needed, worked with me to make my book accurate and well laid out without losing my identity and vision. I recommend them to anyone self-publishing; they are so much more than just an editing firm. They are true visionaries in publishing!

    I would never use another publisher!

    Happy Dolphin Press has published three of my books and is due to release the fourth of the 15 series soon! Not only do my books look great, but thanks to Happy Dolphin Press my sales are good and my brand is recognized and loved by parents and kids alike. I would never use another publisher!

    I am forever grateful!

    (Happy Dolphin Press’s)…creativity and expert knowledge, in editing and publishing has not only brought new life to my book, but it has taken it to an entirely new level, when it comes to quality! I am FOREVER grateful! I have a book and a product that I can be proud of.

    So grateful to Jenn!

    Getting my book on the Kindle platform was a bit challenging. So grateful to Jenn who never gave up and got it done! Many thanks (Happy Dolphin Press)!

    I just loved the colors!

    I just love the colors…and the font choices.  The editing pulled it all together… and the book really looks great!

    everywhere on the web @allin1media



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    *How would you like me to contact you back?

    How can I help you today?

    What kind of video creation do you need?

    If you have a budget in mind, let me know.


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