Adobe announced on Monday March 26, 2018 that it will discontinue to develop its web design product MUSE in favor of re-focusing on other products that will take them further in the future.

Official Announcement 

As Adobe continues to re-focus on developing products and solutions that provide our customers with the most value, we are now announcing the end of new feature development for Adobe Muse CC. On March 26, 2018 we will release the final feature improvement release of Adobe Muse. We will continue to offer technical support to all active Creative Cloud customers until May 20, 2019.

Adobe is committed to delivering exceptional software and services to our customers. It’s in our nature to innovate and try new things, and it was in this spirit that we started developing Muse eight years ago. While we’ve been deeply committed to the Muse vision, we’ve come to recognize trends in website creation that have led us to evolve our strategy:

  • Designers that are actively engaged in creating complex websites and applications are investing in UX design and prototyping skills while partnering with development teams to bring their designs to life.
  • For simpler websites, we’ve seen the emergence of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) website creators that leverage customizable templates to quickly create responsive websites that can be easily modified by the designer or a client.


So as All In 1 Media moves forward in support of our clients we will work very closely with you in the changing over to WordPress + Divi, which we think is the best move towards the future for website design as well as the ease of use for you as a client. Everyone who currently has an Adobe Muse Website built by us will receive a special email with how we plan to proceed, and what those options and features mean for you, as you move forward with your business.

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Thanks for your continued support – John J. Farrell III Designer+Founder

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