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eXpressWeb are powerful single page mini sites designed to convert more for you. These can be used with email marketing, product releases, list building. eXpressWeb pages can be designed to your specific needs to include videos, galleries, social media profiles, or other content that you want your viewers, and visitors to pay attention to. Every page adheres to Google Best Practices, and comes with an email capture, social media links, and direct links to your website. These pages work especially well when getting a viewer on social media to click through to your website. eXpressWeb pages are a great way to deliver your specific content in between social media and your website.

  • What is eXpressWeb?

    eXpressWeb by All In 1 Media are powerful single page "mini" websites. They can be referred to as lead pages, landing pages, or funnels. They are fully loaded pages designed to convert your viewer attention into action. They are fully branded to your brand and can be designed to look like your website. We can host these for you, or they can be installed on your website and edited with Adobe's In-Browser Editor (no subscription needed). You can change the links, text, pictures just by logging into your browser and editing right from your computer screen. These pages can sell tickets through Eventbrite, book appointments through Setmore, display countdown timers, Google calendars for events, and come with plenty of social share options.


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  • How does this work?

    1. Pick a theme template.


    2. Fill in the options.


    3. You'll get a folder to place your web assets in and upload to use.


    4. We build out the first one, test it, install it.


    5. You log in using Adobe In-Browser Editor when you need to change something.

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  • What does it cost?

    eXpressWeb Pricing -


    Base Price - $199 for a single page site.


    Add-On Options are available and range in price.



    We offer full websites also, please check the store for theme templates and pricing.

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  • Are these easy to use?

    Yes. We do the initial install and you can maintain it simply by logging into a browser and editing the video links, photos, or any of the text content. They are already optimized to fit all devices and viewports.


    All In 1 Media is committed to client satisfaction! We offer 100% support on all our products. If you encounter a problem, we will work with you until it is fully resolved to your satisfaction.


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