IronVine Coffee Co.

The Challenge

To create a new more secure and user friendly shopping experience while expanding their online store from fifteen products to over four hundred and fifty products. The need to create a greater apperance on Social Media was neccessary. To bring new interest to an already existing customer and follower base. To make IronVine Coffee Co.’s ability to receive orders, execute shipment, send and receive payments while capturing their current customers data as smooth as possible.

The Solution

The solution was to utilize’s warehousing and auto fulfillment by manufacturer to store and ship direct. Previuosly IVCC had to purchase, ship to themselves, warehouse and reship to consumer. We then implemented Woocommerce as their shopping cart with the abilitgy to accept payments globally, remain PCI compliant, and steamline their operation by 80%. The final result is amazing. You can visit their site directly from the link here.

Ecommerce Expansion


Facebook Cover Video

The Video was created specifically for Facebooks New Business Cover Videos.

Graphic Design

This project required a large amount of Graphic Design including new brand colors, new logos, new typeface, new social media profile pictures, cover photos, and social media assets for community engagement posts.


Corporate Rebranding


Website Redesign

Day Turnaround

Amazing Result

Mobile Site Boosted Online Sales By Over 70%

Mobile Refresh

A new website design with an Amazon & Woocommerce Online Store. We payed specialattention to the mobile shopping experience creating a smooth, seamless, and secure experience from Social to Web to Store to Checkout.

Shopping Cart Rebuild

TWe built an entire new shopping experience utilizing Amazon and the webs most Powerful Shopping Cart, Woocommerce. The new store is 100% PCI compliant, and uses PayPal, Stripe, and Amazon Payments as Payment Gateways.

Powerful Ecommerce Solution

Incorporating both Amazons warehousing and fulfillment services along with Woocommerce as the onsite cart, the user experience now creates a better sense of security and Amazons shipping options are second to none.


This video was created for Facebook’s Cover Video for Business Pages adhearing to the 820x312px. The same assets were used to create a similar Instagram Video in their Square Format.

Social Media Assets

Social Media Assets created for Facebook and Instagram. You can view all assets created at their Social Media Profiles.

  • Mobile Sales 72% 72%
  • Website Traffic 80% 80%
  • Conversion Rate 69% 69%
  • Email Subscribers 92% 92%

The Results Were Amazing

The new website was launched on Christmas Day 2017, and online sales in two weeks were more than the previous eight months. The expansion of IVCC’s online store along with direct Email Marketing and Social Media Advertising positioned and targeted to their current customer/follower base was an overwhelming success

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